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ASICS 3D Planogram


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In order to fulfill the objective to grow their position in the highly competitive sporting goods industry, ASICS realized they needed to invest in their retail buying and planning processes.

Thus, the search began for a solution that would be able to assist their visual merchandising departments in maximizing the customer experience. IWD was therefore chosen and the result of this collaboration turned out to be beyond their expectations. Bryan Bottachiari, Visual Merchandiser Specialist for ASICS America Corporation, tells us about it.


The integration of the visual Merchandising Platform has had a transformative impact on the way Asics manages planograms. The user-friendly interface, impressive visual renderings, and its ability to save time and resources make it an indispensable tool for Bryan Bottachiari - the main user at ASICS USA “IWD has been a great tool. I use the 3D program for everything the stores may need. From small one-off directives to big seasonal floorplans, I can do it all in one program.
I like using IWD 3D because it makes it easy to manage my planograms. The user interface is easy, and the renderings are close to the real thing.
It has made a difference in the merchandising because I can try different things out in 3D before bringing them to the store level, which saves time on trial and error. I can effectively plan out months in advance, and even add in marketing aspects to mockup a real in store feel without having to set in a store and use manpower or hours.”

optimiZing compliance and streamlining store set-up

The technology allows ASICS to optimize compliance for its nation-wide store network. As soon as optimal product placements are defined, visual merchandising guidelines and fixture planograms are sent to retail store teams. These guidelines are customized for stores of different sizes and product assortment, ensuring stores only receive visual merchandising directives that are relevant to each. Thanks to IWD, the visual merchandising team at ASICS headquarters can send clear guidelines to maximize branding consistency and facilitate store set up for field agents.


ASICS, in its pursuit of enhancing the in-store customer experience, has successfully harnessed the power of the Visual Merchandising Platform. From transforming the way they manage planograms to optimizing store compliance and ensuring brand consistency, the technology has proven to be a game-changer. It underscores the importance of innovation in retail strategy and showcases how a blend of technology and intuitive design can revolutionize the customer experience in the competitive sporting goods industry.


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