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VMs are infusing positivity and freshness

VMs are infusing positivity and freshness

VMs are infusing positivity and freshness

VMs seem to have seamlessly agreed to infuse freshness and positivity in cities around the world.
This year has been difficult for everyone, but the reopening of stores announces upcoming happy and colorful moments that will revive and enchant people's daily lives. 

Let's take an insta-tour to admire the creations of our worldwide merchandising fairy community. 

An overdose of happy colors

It is a pity we limit a color's aesthetic value to clothes and decorations because they also influence our human emotions. Pinks, greens and blues create a soothing feeling and colors like yellow, orange, red, cyan blue, and purple stimulate joyous emotions. 


Stud's new Pop-up Store in Boston


Omega store in Porto



Coach Store in the US


'70s vibes & flower power

People need the spirit of peace & love from the '70s, so flowers are back in the spotlight and flower power is in.


Macy's Flower Show in NYC


Zara Milano offers a flower pattern patchwork


Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb Display at Macy's in NYC


Gucci Store in Miami


Jacquemus Pop-up store in Paris called Les Fleurs


Onirism spirit

Travel, for most people, was out of the question in 2020 and 2021. This is why we thanks creators like Balmain who made us travel during his last show. Stores also allow us to escape into dreamlike worlds including space or an abyss. 

Versace Pop up store in Milan 


Louis Vuitton store in Ginza, designed by Jun Aoki and Peter Marino


Dior x Kenny Scharf at the Corner Shop at Selfridges in London


Childlike universe

A wind of simplicity and joy blows on retail which became a place to play, to dance and to have fun! Let's rediscover the simple pleasures of summer. 


Eres Corner shop in Le Bon Marché in Paris


Tiffany's Kansas City Store


Make My Lemonade Shop in Paris

Repetto x Red Riding Hood in Hong Kong

Wind of change

You heard it here first: a new retailer is just around the corner. For example, the Selfridges Project Earth is pushing to change the way we shop by 2025. They are aiming for all brands offered and stocked in their store to be made of environmentally-friendly materials. The hope is also to change the mindset of customers and partners. 


Selfridges #letschangethewayweshop in London


Harrods tells its community: "Our doors are open, and we’re so looking forward to welcoming you in-store again. A lot has changed over the past year, so there’s plenty to discover and enjoy as we reopen and look to the future."


Moschino uses the codes of renovation and works to evoke renewal


Green is the new black

Retail brings nature indoors, in a fine balance between minimalism and wilderness. Take a look!


Coach Pop Up in Shanghai


Prada Pop-up in Galeries Lafayette


Loro Piana Store in New York


Cover Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.


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