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Springtime Merchandising Tips

Springtime Merchandising Tips

Springtime Merchandising Tips

The birds are starting to chirp, the snow is melting and the sun is shining... Spring is coming... through your computer in your store!! Yes, winter is approaching for customers, but you, retailers, are already thinking about the next season. How will spring be next year? How are you going to promote the sun, the space, and the freshness? Picture this, everyone is back from vacation, and there are no more big coats or heavy boots in sight! Your shelves seem empty because of lighter merchandise, aisle are breathing; it's spring! As you try to foster a spring feeling through colorful planograms, try to open up the floor to space and freshness with the following merchandising tips.

1. Pick a spring color theme


Merchandising Tips Spring - Louis Vuitton - Virgile Abloh - Soho2

Merchandising Tips Spring - Louis Vuitton - Virgile Abloh - SohoPhoto Credit: Printemps and Louis Vuitton

Color is an easy tool to make associations. Be it the brand or the specific collection, color can contextualize the style and persona. Pick a specific color scheme for this spring that help consumers to not only connect with the collection but also with the brand. It is important to create a memorable visual association with colors that provide a valuable look and feel of spring to in-store clients.

2. Set the mood


LOAs spring brings the desire to travel and visit places, take inspiration from the possible vacations taken during spring and what they look like to showcase the merchandise that resembles most customers' holidays and travel. Give them a sense of the perfect spring break. Create scenes on the retail floor, featuring props and mannequins to set the perfect mood. Attractive props aligning to your theme could drive interest and direct store traffic flow.

3. Narrate story with product repetition


Photo Credit: Burberry London

Create a completely immersive environment for visitors to truly experience the brand with "signature repetition of product with an emphasis on form and color”. Coordinate product colors to create a visually appealing offer that signifies the arrival of spring. Play the game of product repetition and minimalism together and bring out the essence of cherry blossoms or breezy afternoons.

4. Make every corner selfie-worthyVilla-de-murir-open-content-studio

Villa de Mûrir in-store photo Studio - Nelly Rodi

Provide the irresistible selfie experience for the clients. Provoke their visual sense and touch the millennial nerve of social networking. Invoke the feeling of fun and newness while playfully displaying the merchandise, this is what is going to attract the maximum number of clients towards your store. Keep your selfie game on point.

duffy-stone-Selfie Spot

Photo: Duffy Stone - Husk 

Take advantage of this time of new beginnings to attract clients and provide them with the experience of breezy freshness through your store's look & feel. Be focused on the merchandise display as they should reflect the theme of spring celebration and accentuate the use of colors, which make the entire store look different and attractive.


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