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Engaging millennials through digital learning

Engaging millennials through digital learning

Engaging millennials through digital learning

In today’s fast evolving corporate world, the need to be effective and efficient is increasing. Hence, the organizations are trying to adopt effective training strategies to bring their learning game on and accentuate the performance of employees. Millennial learners are becoming more demanding, new technologies are carving their way, new skills are becoming prominent, automation is must need, and globalization is expanding their reach and demand for better learning experience. Therefore, the significant digital trends reflect the challenge and opportunities for training culture. And, illustrates the path for retailers to generate more productivity amongst their millennial employees in the short span of time.

So, here are some ways to engage more millennial employees in trainings through digital learning landscape.

Micro learning approach

Micro learning 

This short and precise learning format is meant to meet a specific learning outcome. Its learner-centric approach with just-in-time training is popular on digital devices which perfectly blends with the way millennials want to learn. As by 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, it could be one of the most effective ways to train them since their average attention span is 90 seconds. This method of 2-3 minute content rich videos perfectly matches their learning criteria.

Social learning

With healthy appetite for social learning, it is recorded that 98% of organizations believe in sharing and surfacing good practice across the business by incorporating in-house social networking platforms. Also, as in-house networks are increasing by 55%, the demand for social learning is augmenting and becoming one of the fastest-growing tools for enterprise learning.


Who doesn't like fun and competitive edge during games? All of us prefer it. Following the similar concept in training culture, the development of fun learning is expected to reach $11 billion by 2020. Having said that, gamification in learning adds its pinch of excitement as it fulfills the goal of boosting motivation, increasing the performance and improving skill development by a 20%. Also, perfectly work for millennials who are addicted to games.

Mobile learning

From becoming the center of our day-to-day activities, mobile phones have dominated our existence from communication and entertainment to socializing. But, now it is taking the other turn with the learning sphere. Based on the learning flexibility, this trend of digital learning is integrated with phone-based learning reminders and organizers. Also, it has led to the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in many organizations thus, leading to an increase in employees learning productivity of up to 40%.

Virtual reality technology

Augmented & virtual reality

These are the cutting-edge technologies adopted by organizations for imparting practical, real world and experiential learning scenarios. Today, 67% are considering to use AR and it is expected to rise by 30% in the next three years. With their total potential, instead of watching a video-based simulation, learners can observably demonstrate their mastery of the required skills. Thus, leading to immersive and captivating learning experience.

By turning the old learning techniques on their heads at a dramatic pace, technology is definitely uncovering new dimensions of training culture. With its mainstream approach in today’s scenario, the learning efficacy in organizations will increase, thus reducing the training cost. Therefore, in coming years, more and more organizations will be able to recognize the competitive advantages that comes from leveraging modern technological advancements to create powerful tech-centric learning experiences for empowered employees. Thus, with the expansion of digital platforms in training culture, the modern employees especially the millennials will definitely be empowered and trained better.


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