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PopUp, Flagship or Concept Store

PopUp, Flagship or Concept Store

PopUp, Flagship or Concept Store

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In the dynamic and competitive universe of retail, brands strive to innovate to stand out and create memorable experiences for their customers. Popup Stores, Concept Stores, Flagships: understanding their peculiarities and knowing when and why to use them is crucial.



The popup store, also known as a temporary boutique, appears briefly but with a marked intensity. This model flourished in the urban landscape of the 1990s, at the forefront of megacities like Tokyo, London, Paris, or New York. These ephemeral installations seize strategic points, captivating consumer attention and infusing a sense of exclusivity. Still relevant today, the popup store offers brands the opportunity to launch innovative products or orchestrate unprecedented collaborations, while unleashing creativity to conceive ever more avant-garde concepts.

Clever use of a popup store can generate excitement prior to a major launch or capitalize on an emerging trend, thereby strengthening the emotional bond between the brand and its community. In short, a popup store has a limited duration: a day, a month, a year. Located in high-traffic areas, it promotes visibility, enhances customer engagement, and/or intensifies its presence during key periods for a much lower investment than traditional leasing. The popup store is the perfect tool to experiment and generate buzz around your product!


H&M AND Adidas

The renowned ready-to-wear brand H&M chose, a few years ago, to distinguish itself from its competitors by setting up a boutique on a beach. They sold items from the WaterAid line, a charity organization aimed at providing clean water and sanitation systems in disadvantaged countries. The choice of presentation in a container, on a beach, seems so obvious, and yet!

Adidas went big for the return of its famous Stan Smith, creating an XXL shoebox displayed in prominent squares in European capitals, sparking customer curiosity and ensuring guaranteed buzz!



The concept store goes beyond the classic commercial transaction. It offers a total immersion in the brand universe and provides a meticulously arranged space to tell a story, embody values, and weave a unique atmosphere. The concept store is an experience in itself that transforms into a journey. These spaces frequently rethink product presentation, favoring artistic scenography and integrating interactive elements, workshops, or events to strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers. They aspire to build a brand community, fostering customer loyalty beyond the simple transaction. Stepping into a concept store is rarely to acquire a specific item. You enter to open yourself to the novel, be seduced by the brand's universe, or simply wander around.

However, beware of the somewhat catch-all definition of the concept store, often misused. Under the guise of being trendy, one sometimes encounters disorganized multi-brand shops, offering a diluted experience. A concept store is a sharp and thoughtful selection, a crafted customer experience, and a space that is lived rather than sold.






Merci Paris in the Marais is a well-known concept store in the Parisian retail landscape, with its resemblance to a gigantic house. This concept store offers customers an immersive experience in addition to an incredible selection of items. People joyfully visit it to be inspired: it is a reference for Parisians and tourists visiting the capital.

The Lync&Co store in Amsterdam embodies the very definition of a concept store: inaugurated in a historic building in the city center, where the bicycle reigns supreme, this choice may seem strange for presenting a car brand. With this boutique, Lync&Co goes beyond being a simple dealership: built like a clubhouse, the brand highlights the car-sharing feature of its first connected car and offers to become, not just a customer, but an exclusive club member. Car-sharing, this concept allowing, according to various subscriptions, sharing a car with other members, makes sense in this city! To attract new customers: a lounge area with a bar, featuring DJ sets, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings... this is what you can find at the Lync&Co clubhouse where, in the end, the car takes a back seat, discreetly exhibited in a dedicated space.



The flagship is the imposing headquarters that embodies the very essence of the brand. Generally located in upscale commercial areas, the flagship transcends the traditional notion of the point of sale. It functions as a prestigious showcase, representing the quintessence of the brand. The ambition of the flagship is to offer its visitors an experience that dazzles them and encourages them to make a purchase. It is designed to make each visit unique and persuasive. This concept often houses the entire range, promising a comprehensive shopping experience.

Regularly the largest, this concept breaks the codes of its other sales points, offering different, complete, and enticing shopping journeys to enhance its image and attract new customers. You will find all the new products, collaborations, and innovations, whether on products or presentation supports. It is not uncommon for brands to use it as a laboratory to try out displays, shop windows, or furniture on a large scale to get real feedback before deploying them in their other sales points. It is clearly recommended for established brands that want to consolidate their brand image, offer a complete experience, and serve as a prestigious showcase in a sought-after commercial area where it is important to highlight their universe.




The new Lacoste flagship, named Lacoste Arena, takes place on the most mythical avenue in the world, the Champs Élysées, blending "elegance" and "differences" within 1600m² of diversity, as they so aptly put it. This space offers customization of sneakers and polos, as well as a complete but also exclusive offers, all in an ultra-sophisticated setting adorned with constantly renewed gigantic shop windows. This Lacoste flagship offers unique elements that are not found in any other brand store.

On New York's 5th Avenue, Adidas offers, in nearly 4200m², an urban and street experience built as if you were next to a playground deep in Queens. This total immersion in their universe, bordering on science fiction, allows visitors to discover almost all of the brand's products and ranges. It is clearly a store that stands out on this legendary avenue.

Adidas flagship store


Opting for a popup store, a concept store, or a flagship store depends on the ambitions and maturity of the brand. These formats can complement each other to create a coherent and memorable customer journey. By grasping the subtleties of each approach, brands can maneuver brilliantly in the evolving retail landscape, exploiting these various formats to respond appropriately to the evolving expectations of consumers. The key lies in understanding the artistic direction, the identity of the brand, and its target clientele, thus paving the way for a successful and adapted retail strategy!


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