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Beyond the Shelf: Melissa & Doug's Journey with IWD to Revolutionize Retail

Beyond the Shelf: Melissa & Doug's Journey with IWD to Revolutionize Retail

Beyond the Shelf: Melissa & Doug's Journey with IWD to Revolutionize Retail

In today's dynamic retail landscape, staying ahead of the curve requires a commitment to innovation.

For Melissa & Doug, a company synonymous with timeless toys and creative play, integrating cutting-edge technology has been instrumental in enhancing their visual merchandising strategies. In this article, we explore the transformative impact of IWD on Melissa & Doug's workflow and the tangible benefits it has brought to their business: 

    •                - Enhance market responsiveness and sales potential
    •                - A bridge between sales, marketing, and merchandising teams
    •                - Customer engagement and loyalty

Watch the full interviews at the end of this article.


Challenges Faced: The Need for a Modern Solution

Before embracing IWD, Melissa & Doug encountered challenges in creating cohesive and impactful visual displays across their retail channels. Lina Quintero, Customer Marketing Manager, recalls the limitations of manual processes and static planograms "we were relying on manual processes and static planograms, which limited our ability to adapt to changing market trends.”. These traditional methods hindered their ability to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

Upon integrating IWD into their workflow, Melissa & Doug experienced a shift in their approach to visual merchandising. Quintero describes the software as a "game-changer," citing its intuitive interface and robust features. "With IWD, we can easily create, customize, and deploy planograms across our retail network," she explains. 


One of the most significant benefits of IWD for Melissa & Doug has been for its flexibility and agility. Quintero emphasizes the software's ability to quickly modify planograms in response to seasonal trends or promotional campaigns. This newfound agility has empowered Melissa & Doug to stay nimble in a fast-paced retail environment, capitalizing on emerging opportunities and driving sales.


Enhancing Collaboration and Consistency

Vianny Oppedisano, National Senior Account Specialist, underscores IWD's role in enhancing collaboration between cross-functional teams. The software facilitates seamless communication and coordination between sales, marketing, and merchandising teams, ensuring consistency in visual presentations across retail channels. This alignment is crucial for maintaining brand integrity and delivering a cohesive customer experience. 

Oppedisano also highlights how using such a tool facilitates the teams’ creation of "dynamic and engaging presentations" that showcase Melissa & Doug's extensive product catalog to retailers. Such tools allow the brand to differentiate itself in its highly competitive retail landscape, and provides a visual rendering of what shelves are going to look like in store for the end buyer.



Beyond streamlining internal processes, IWD has enabled Melissa & Doug to elevate the customer experience across their retail channels. Oppedisano highlights the software's role in creating immersive and interactive displays that resonate with customers of all ages. By leveraging IWD's rich media capabilities, Melissa & Doug can captivate the imagination of both children and parents, fostering meaningful connections with their brand.


In conclusion, the integration of IWD into Melissa & Doug's visual merchandising workflow has been nothing short of transformative. By embracing innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Melissa & Doug has strengthened its position as a leader in the retail industry. As Quintero expresses optimism about the future, stating, "With IWD as our trusted partner, we are confident in our ability to continue delighting customers and driving growth." we’re excited to see what’s in store for this partnership.


Watch Vianny Oppedisano, National Senior Account Specialist at Melissa & Doug, as she takes us through the transformative integration of IWD's planogram software in their visual merchandising strategy.


Join Lina Quintero, Customer Marketing Manager at Melissa & Doug, for an in-depth discussion on the strategic adoption of IWD's software to overhaul the brand's visual merchandising.


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