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Brands that care about their customers

Brands that care about their customers

Brands that care about their customers

In a time where everything is accessible on our phones, where the offer is bigger than demand, it´s time to stop and recalculate the strategies to survive. In a future where Online sales will take over and be the most important sale’s channel, the real world need to change (not evolve). Are physical stores going to disappear?

Most brands are focused on profitability and growth, their big data analysis leads and dictates what to do next. Creative direction, corporate image, marketing, social media, and so on are on pilot mode by the Excel Factor. Now, as a consumer, would you like to be asked more often what it is that you want?

It is well known, that there are many things in fashion retail that are not working:

  1. Retailers produce more than they can actually sell
  2. Discounts are shifting customers habits
  3. Internet allows to compare all the offers, creating very savvy customer
  4. Weather seasons are over, retailers display clothes to consumers when they don't need them
  5. Customers awareness for transparency and sustainability is growing
  6. The gap, is too big, in between real world obstacles and internet facilities

And many more are to be mentioned... Brands need to decide whether they want to survive or not.

Let's try to remember, when was the last time we spent a whole Saturday from one store to another? Why would we do it? Our priorities have changed and spending a full day shopping, isn't one of them anymore. But more important is, how many times a day do you think, "I don't have time"?

Most customers experiences are loaded with frustrations:

Browsing until you find (if you do) what you were looking for, the poor customer service (if there is any), queuing to try on something in a small, dirty, dark fitting room , and then queuing to pay... the list doesn't end here and like that from one store to the next!

Find out what frustrates your customers and you will have the list of things that need to be changed.

For a while now, we have been hearing that customer experience is the new visual merchandising tool, the idea of entertaining and exciting the customers senses in order to drive them to purchase...

Unfortunately, shopping experience is not the future of retail or the key to success, is an expectation costumers already have.

Brands need to put the focus on their costumers expectations and not think so much about square meter profitability and more so... about costumer’s entertainment and engagement. Experimental visual merchandising is the most important thing to be analysed today.

From the studio, Louis and his team, help companies to rethink and redesign their stores, to create a stronger visual impact and also find ways to make the stores more entertaining, and teach customers everything about their brand’s values.

We are going to see how, in the near future, stores will be about making each single costumer feel good. Costumer service and shopping experiences are the tools to create a memorable feeling.

So, if each customer Needs, Individuality and Experience are the key.

Why then, brands are so out focus?





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