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Being distributed in a multi-brand environment is challenging in terms of ensuring store compliance, whether it is a temporary or a long-lasting animation. Without a storefront or window, the brand image must be clear, obvious and assets well positioned. The brand has to check if the creative merchandising has been well implemented all while keeping a sales and competitive outlook. In this situation, surveys are a good solution to visualize what the field looks like and make sure commercial agreements are upheld.

Visibility despite competitors

When a customer enters a multi-brand store like a department store or retailer, they can be overwhelmed with the number of brands and products. From the brand’s perspective, it’s difficult to differentiate oneself and captivate the client’s eyes. That’s where the strategic and creative merchandising work from headquarters comes in. Once the strategy is implemented in stores, surveys help check the brand’s presence among competitors.
“Show the area with a panoramic photo” or ask staging questions about each promotion to get a feel of the brand’s presence. Brand compliance is also controlled with pictures, and changes can be made on the stop with instant communication. These environmental pictures can also be a source of inspiration, to see what is being done, and what can be improved.


Double check retail shelf space

“How many shelves are assigned to the brand?” It may seem strange to ask the teams to take measurements, but thanks to this question some brands have realized that competitors have moved in on their shelf space! Space is money in retail, and if not respected, that could mean lost sales. Ensuring commercial agreements to be upheld reduces the loss from a brand as a strategy is built on that.
Allowing each brand to have its allocated spaces means they can come to life and provide the customer experience that was planned.


Available materials and documentations

Merchandising set ups not only include shelves, but what decorates them whether flyers, marketing posters or trainings, tester glorifiers, and more. Requesting pictures of an ongoing marketing campaign, or feedback on stock capacity for each product range gives an idea to headquarters on how to optimize their space. It also allows them to judge which testers or POS materials should be associated with specific retailers or sales professionals.


A goldmine on the field

The people on the floor listen and talk to customers. They know what is loved, what is not, and what is questioned. Making sure that your sales team is up to date with the products and upcoming launches allows them to better answer questions and cater to clients. Asking them in return about what they hear from customers provides unique insights to headquarters. Surveys can therefore include questions like “which adjective(s) describe(s) the best this animation?” or “what was the easiest part to sell from this campaign” to include the field team and the strategic decisions. This is not to be polite, but to gain unique intel on customers from your eyes and ears in the field.


Visualize your competitors’ campaigns
On top of getting customer insights, surveys can include questions on the competition. You can ask the team to report on the different promotions or communication strategies your competitors are choosing. This will provide you with a more well rounded view of the market and the direction it is going in. In turn, you’ll know your competitors better and be able to anticipate their campaigns or product launches.
Additionally, you can ask for pictures of the competitions to get a better understanding of what the store as a whole looks like: “share the top 5 pictures of your competitors.”. Once again, you will know and feel the store like a customer.

Surveys allow the store teams and headquarters to get closer to one another and generate actionable intel to improve future campaigns. By better visualizing retailers, understanding customers, and keeping an eye on competitors, brands can become agile and keep up with the market. Sending frequent surveys and exchanging information is key to getting ahead of the competition.

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