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Empowering the sales associates

sales associates

Empowering the sales associates

In an era of digitalisation, when all the retailers are talking and incorporating the aspect of digital in their stores, then why not empower the in-store sales associates who are responsible for bringing out the best of client experience and also sets the business apart from the online retailers?

Try to picture yourself in a store where store digitalization is a hot topic, every wall seems to be connected to your social platforms, the well-equipped sales associates have your details including your interests and the makes the buying process smooth with the help of technology. Easy to picture? The retailers are working towards making the store as digital friendly. But, are they really investing in amplifying the training of their sales staff members? Stay tuned with us for further details on this.

Advantages of bringing technology in stores

Before we move on to the benefits of having your sales associates empowered, why not have a quick browse over the advantages of bringing technology solutions to your store:

• Technology is not only bringing us together and close in a social world, but also in the retail universe. It connects online and offline channels and hence, provides the accurate information about the customer journey to the retailers at any given moment of time (either on the online channels or in the physical stores).

• With this, comes along a single customer journey. As both the channels are connected to each other, client journey on online and physical channel emerges as one, thus, leading to the easy way out for the retailers to keep the customer data at one place.

• Let’s not forget how digital platforms have enriched our lives, similarly, the digital content in physical stores has enhanced the point of sale ride for the clients. Through wide and huge screens, digital content in form of videos and immersive scenes makes it easier for the retailers to capture the attention of their clients.

• Moving on to one of the most important aspects of the business, it is highly pivotal for the retailers to pay attention to their staff productivity by providing them the right tools to empower them to deliver the efficient performance. And, this is where digitization enters into the selling scenario and lands its mark by empowering the sales team with product data and rich content of their clients.

Digitally empowered sales associates

The digital transformation of retail has given retailers the opportunity to unify their online-offline touchpoints and offer a connected experience. It also highlights the potential for strong client-brand bond due to the key client data. Such data-driven relationships are effective and work best with the digitally savvy Millennials as it becomes easy for the sales team to trace down the shopping habits of the clients. Now, let's have a look at some major advantages of making your sales associates go digital:

Sales associates, empowered with product data and rich content, can undergo through easy and quick selling ceremony as they do not need to memorize product details and hence, can be confident while communicating with the customers and will be able to create a strong relationship with them.

To provide the smooth customer journey, it is paramount to provide the right information at the right time to the clients. Vendors equipped with digital gadgets have the right access to the product availability. So, customers are benefited with the right information and the right products at the right time.

Today, as customers highly appreciate personalized recommendations, digitization enable sales associates to provide the personalized product recommendations to the clients in store by analyzing their past purchase history. And, connecting with clients with personal remarks and recommendations definitely, helps to increase the basket size and create a memorable buying journey.

With the enhanced selling ceremony, everything gets better. Elevated Store shopping experience makes the customer come back to the store in order to receive better service. Along with this, the clients in the store not only spend less time while making the final purchase but also appreciates the on-point service provided the sales staff.


Digitalization emerges a tool that simplifies communication, enhances selling ceremony and make the sales associates more productive and efficient. Confident, active and professional vendors in the store have a quick solution to the customer's demand in a short span of time and help them the best in their purchasing decisions. As sales staff function in a faster and productive manner, they are able to bring more sales. So, why not turn your head up to establish this digital connection with your clients and enrich the bond with the right customer data as they walk into the store.


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